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The Link To More Tomorrows

Whole Body Donation

Death doesn’t always make sense... but it can save lives.

Donating your body through Tomorrow Link supports crucial emergency medical care training for EMS and Military professionals.


Even if you are already an Organ & Tissue Donor, it is important to register for Whole Body Donation as well just in case you do not qualify.


Tomorrow Link is Veteran founded and Colorado’s only non-profit, licensed, non-transplant tissue bank. We are devoted to thorough and compassionate communication with our generous donors and their loved ones.

Body Donation



Your compassionate decision to become a whole body donor makes it possible to make continuing education & advanced skills training accessible to local Firefighters, EMS, First Responders, as well as military personnel.

Next of Kin


The passing of a loved one is a highly stressful and emotional time. Tomorrow Link's staff of highly trained after-life care specialists takes the burden off of families by coordinating transportation and post-mortem paperwork including death certificates.  This helps remove some of the logistical burden from grieving families.

In Hospice


Those who have been diagnosed with a terminal disease or under palliative care or hospice may be eligible for whole body donation. Tomorrow Link can help take care of end-of-life decisions, so that remaining time can be spent with loved ones. It is our hope that we can provide you peace knowing that your wishes will be honored.

We appreciate that the decision to donate your body to science is a significant choice.

body donation


The Tomorrow Link's education program was born out of a desire to spread knowledge.


While Tomorrow Link is committed to supporting training at accredited training institutions, we also created a space in Denver Colorado for medical personnel who want to learn and expand their knowledge of the incredible human anatomy.


Our newly renovated space hosts classes for a wide range of medical students on their path toward skills mastery.

Science Lab Student

Our Mission
Training That Saves Lives

Empowered by our compassionate donors, we facilitate the use of non-transplant, whole body donations to offer advanced critical care skills training to those that so compassionately care for others; honoring their generous gift to better the community they lived in. We value transparency in our practices. Honoring each donor’s legacy and maintaining the integrity of their contributions, is our priority.


Your trusted doctors and nurses, the people who are responsible for your health and who are treating you right now, learned how to do what they do because of the use of whole body donors. The fire fighters, paramedics, and first responders we depend on for emergency medical assistance were also trained with the use of medical donations.

Healthcare Provider Testimonials

Letters of love & gratitude from those whose delivery of care will forever be changed because

someone’s wish was to leave a lasting legacy that would make a difference.

"This was such an incredible experience! Thank you for making this available not only for my education but for others as well."

Our Team

Lauren Lipchak - Executive Director of Operations

Lauren brings over 20 years of medical experience to our team. She has always had a love for science, but after losing her father to brain cancer she knew her passion for research had a higher purpose. As a trained Anatomist, with a special interest in neuropathology, she has performed hundreds of recoveries for researchers across the country.


As Donor Contribution Manager, Lauren oversees donor placement and ensures that donors are placed directly with researchers according to donor and family wishes, so their legacy may live on and impact others by providing other families with more tomorrows.

"Knowing I play a part in bringing researchers a little closer to curing these devastating diseases has gotten me through more days than I can count; I carry on knowing my Dad's legacy is helping others. My hope is to be able to give all of our TomorrowLink Donor Families that same comfort and ability to carry on through their hardest days, and know they're not alone."

Tomorrow Link

1982 S. Bannock St. Denver, CO 80223

P: 720-779-8680

F: 720-282-1722

Thanks for Reaching Out!

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